The vintage kitchens have an extraordinary air about them, timeless and elegant. If you are thinking of redecorating your kitchen, you can definitely add a vintage touch to it with these easy ideas. If you have been thinking about remodeling your kitchen into a vintage setup, you need to do proper planning first. We have put together some easy and beautiful vintage kitchen décor ideas to help guide you through your next renovation project.

Checkerboard Floors

This is one of the easiest ways to evoke a 50’s diner kitchen look. The checkerboard floors are quite easy to get your hands on and are affordable too. You can give your kitchen a beautiful vintage effect with this extremely easy décor idea. Explore the stores around your house that sell these antique-looking tiles and start the renovation sooner than later to get the perfect vintage look for your kitchen.

Vintage Wallpaper

This is probably the cheapest and easiest way of redecorating your kitchen to attain the vintage effect. Select elegant yet antique wallpapers like polka dots or bold prints for your remodeled kitchen. You can do this as a DIY project over a weekend and enjoy a beautiful vintage look in your kitchen.

All-White Cabinetry

Choosing antique white kitchen cabinets for your remodeling project is a great idea. These cabinets immediately invoke the Victorian setting in the mind of anyone who walks into the kitchen. It is stylish, modern and quite elegant, and you can remain assured of the fact that the antique white kitchen cabinets will never go out of trend.

Vintage Tiles

You can think of installing vintage tiles on the walls of your kitchen. This provides the perfect antique backsplash that your kitchen needs. It is both affordable and fun for you to undertake as a weekend renovation project. Vintage tiles are easily available and are perfect for your coveted décor idea. They fit in easily with any kind of cabinetry already in the kitchen, complementing them undoubtedly.

Farmhouse Sink

Think of a white farmhouse sink coupled with white shaker cabinets, it is a perfect vintage décor idea for your renovation project. It is also known as apron kitchen sinks and adds a trendy retro look to your kitchen. The farmhouse sink is not only a decorative factor; it is spacious, timeless and is a practical choice for your remodeling project.

antique white kitchen cabinets

Earthy Walnut Cabinets

The rich walnut kitchen cabinets are an awesome choice for giving your kitchen a vintage look. The cabinetry has a subtle, sophisticated and minimal detailing which makes it an obvious choice to get a retro look. It has a rustic appearance with the grain patterns, curves and lines, making it unique and suitable for the renovation project. The walnut kitchen cabinet serves more than just ornamental functionality; it is very spacious and sturdy, adding warmth to your remodeled kitchen.

Butcher Block

You can give a twist to the modern kitchen island by transforming it into a butcher block. This is a very efficient choice as you can use it for all sorts of vegetable and meat cutting, without messing up the rest of the kitchen. You have ample space to move around and you can later use it for keeping cooked food as well. Use an earthy shade for the butcher block to give it an original retro look.

Handful of Extra Tips

Here are few miscellaneous tips and tricks for you to assemble a vintage kitchen.

  • Add a vintage dish collection to accentuate the décor even further. Pastel colored dishes or white floral designs on plates are an easy way for you to achieve the vintage look.
  • You can bring in a bread box to add an extra appeal and reminisce the golden days.
  • A pull-our cutting board is also an easy yet efficient way of pulling off the vintage look.

We hope that these easy décor tips help you put together the perfect vintage look for your kitchen. Your kitchen can become classy and trendy without much hassle. Make statement changes in cabinetry choices or small DIY projects, consider these décor ides for your next kitchen remodeling project.