WORX Hydroshot is a portable power cleaner that makes use of 20V of electricity and is also considered a homeowner must-have. When there’s so much cleaning to do and you’re not confident a pressure washer is the best idea, this specific device is the best for you. The main target of this are individuals who constantly have to worry about cleaning and other household chores that involves the use of pressurized water.

If you’re not sure of what to do, his simple yet accurate WORX Hydroshot review will give you a better idea about what to expect from the product and will also help you decide on what direction and decision to take moving forward.


Really portable 

There’s no need to worry about wires and a bulky device to carry around no matter where you are and what you’re doing. This provides the convenience needed. It’s not difficult to take care of the most common needs and the different things that you need to do and accomplish. You can easily carry it around. In a sense, it also works for commercial establishments since there’s much space to be covered for commercial areas. 

Adjustable features 

There are different features which can also be adjusted according to need, preference, and comfort. It’s important to have such things. The pressure can be adjusted to four different types according to your need for it. Apart from that, the nozzle can also be extended when there’s a need to wash parts that are hard to reach. This will be convenient for many individuals and users. 

A Simple Review of the WORX Hydroshot


Because of its weight, there’s no need to worry about carrying it around. The device needs to be attached to the end of the hose. And its extension can work as the final nozzle. The reason why other devices don’t easily work is because they are hard to carry. And therefore, even more difficult to manage.

 Can be used as a pump 

Another thing that can be counted as charm for this particular device is the fact that it can be used as pump. If there’s a natural water source, you can use the device to directly transport the water from that source to your own storage. This way, it’ll be easier for you to take care of the tasks when needed. But many still prefer to use it as a washer. 


Less stronger compared to pressure washers 

There’s a difference when you compare the level of pressure being emitted and the ones that can be used by pressure washers compared to the Hydroshot. If you’re used to this machine, you’ll be able to tell the difference right away. And there’s a limit to the pressure meter for Hydroshot. However, it still gets the job done.