An air compressor works on the simple principle wherein the pressure rises while volume drops. Earlier these found use mostly in places like factories and workshops. But today they are equally useful to run pneumatic tools for home improvement and remodeling jobs or other odd jobs like inflating the car tyres. A home garage is one area where an air compressor can find its maximum use. One can find best air compressor for home garage that can do a variety of works with ease. Today with tremendous improvements in technology equipment like the air compressors have become so small that they can fit well in a small corner of the garage without taking up much space.

Criterion to Choosing a Garage Air Compressor

There are many factors to be kept in mind while choosing air compressors for your home garage. The first thing to consider is the tools you would want to run with the air compressor, as this will have an influence on your choice. Ideally, a good air compressor has the capacity to perform various tasks like inflating tyres, air brushing, power washing and also moving heavy-duty jacks. Hence a medium duty air compressor would be ideal to accomplish such jobs as you would be requiring to use simple tools. Next a portable air compressor is always considered to be the best air compressor for home garage in comparison to the piston type. This is because they not only are easy to use but also relatively maintenance free. Also the portable ones can be easily moved around in the garage.

Also ensure that you choose a compressor that has the appropriate ratings in terms of horse power. Compressors that have higher horse power require more energy to run. On average compressors have ratings 1.5 to 6.5 horsepower. Choose one that suits your requirements and the tools you would run with the machine. Now it is important to consider what is the kind of power source that you would require. The compressors ideally run on electricity or gasoline. Hence if you do not have a suitable electrical out let in the garage buy one that works on gasoline.Else a portable electric air compressor would be best for the garage. Finally the tank size is an important point of consideration. Ideally compressors with bigger tank sizes are know to work for several minutes at a stretch. But considering portability a medium sized one would do and its efficiency can be improved by stoping the appliance in between the jobs.


While buying an air compressor for your home garage ensure that it can carry out the minimum odd jobs you would want it to do. A good air compressor should not only inflate your car tyres but also kids soccer balls, bicycles and any other inflatable toys. Ensure that it is placed appropriately in the garage and does not obstruct the movement of the car. It is important to remember that our purchase decision is not influenced by the cost and brand value.