Buying a new house is an exciting phase of a person’s lifetime, it can be fun, overwhelming, and stressful at the same time – because this is the most significant investment a person can get.

From finding the best location up to signing those essential documents – the process of getting a new house is indeed stressful from beginning to end.

But for many, buying a house is a person’s most significant milestone that they should be proud of. Because of this reason, many people don’t know how and where to start building & house inspections in Knox.

If you feel that you’re one of those many people, there’s no need for you to fret – experts from this field are there to help you with those particular needs. Here are the things your chosen house inspector should check before jumping out into a buying decision.

A House Inspector Will Check Structural Concerns

A certified and well-built structure is a crucial factor in any house purchase. Moreover, structural issues if present, are hazardous for the would-be resident. Also, it is big trouble if this issue is left unattended, and of course, the expensive repairs that need to be done.

Generally speaking, most of these structural issues need major construction work that will require you thousands of bucks. And if these issues are left unattended, more damages will be visible in the future.

Some of these red flags are:

  • Cracks in the walls,
  • Squeaky floors
  • Sagging ceilings

A House Inspector Will Look for Mold and Water Damage

Aside from structural issues, another thing to check is the mold. Check the inside of your cabinets thoroughly and see if you can smell something unusual like a damp. If the smell is present, it is an indication that a potential water leak is causing the smell.

After checking the cabinets, go deeper into your home. Most likely, you’ll find molds from all over the bathrooms, bedrooms coming from walls and cupboards.

Though molds can look less dangerous compared to other adverse elements, it can significantly affect your health if this thing is not properly removed. Also, it doesn’t only affect your health, but it can also be a primary culprit for rotting woods and leaks.

A House Inspector Will Check the Status of the Roof

When it comes to purchasing a house, a house inspector will assess the roof and other areas that are not present on the list of priorities. Generally speaking, a roof is the main protective element of a house – as it protects the residents from the storm and gusty winds.

You can also check it out for yourself, check the roof tiles if they are well-aligned or if shingles are complete. Once you’ve noted something unusual from the roof, jot it down and discussed it to your chosen house inspector so he can do a professional assessment on that.

Also, a damaged structure is a visible sign there are more internal issues present on the house, so it’s essential to have it check for yourself first before your house inspector arrives.