A weed is a plant which is considered undesirable in a particular situation. In other words, it is a plant in the wrong place. Removing weeds with your hands is a tedious task so weed eating types of equipment are used. Weed eaters are machines that are used to remove harmful weeds on your grass or plants more easily. It is a great time-saving device for trimming the grass in your garden.

Every Weed eater generally has the same design but they come in different sizes and power ranges. Based on power source, the basic weed eaters are of three types namely, electric, gas-powered and battery-powered.

gas weed eater

  • The most popular and common type of weed eaters is the Electric weed eaters; it is easy and ready to use. These weed eaters are preferred when the work area is near a power outlet. The electric weed eaters are eco-friendly as it does not discharge much pollution in the air.
  • The battery-powered weed eaters are better to use anywhere and it does not require any power socket. This machine can be carried to any place that is far away from the house.
  • Gas weed eaters are also known as string trimmers. In this gas weed eater, you either have to mix the oil with the gas to refuel them or they simply run on gas. These types of weed eaters are usually used in large work areas and are the best choice for the people who have big lawns in their home. It can tackle some tough weeds and some heavy grassy areas. In addition to that, it works more efficiently than other portable weed eaters. If your yard is too small, then you do not need a gas weed eater. The gas powered weed eaters come in 2 types. They are 2-cycle weed eater and 4-cycle weed eater. 2-cycle engine is the most common engine for weed eaters which mix oil and gas for fuel and 4-cycle weed eater operates totally on gas.

The below given are a few factors to consider before purchasing a weed eater.

  • You can buy a weed eater any of these types and it is based on your requirements, size of your yard and set up in the work area. Price is absolutely the deciding factor for choosing a brand new weed eater.
  • You can choose either a portable hand-held machine or bigger one depends on your preference and choice.

If you want to buy a weed eater machine, you will be able to understand the best and most popular weed eaters in the market by online researches. So go for a weed eater that satisfies your needs and works best for you at the best price.