Are you looking for the best tips to clean your house effectively? Whether you are going to clean kitchen, bathrooms or bedroom, you need to follow smart tips and smart work rather than hard work. Here are the tips that help you get your work done in short time.

Start at the Top

It is important that you cleaning from the top to bottom. By doing so, the dust and dirt will fall from the higher surface to lower surface. This way, the dust will be removed from the surface properly. While cleaning, you will have to wear smart glass or head mask to prevent the dust entering your head. Make sure that you clean all the furniture and ceiling fans. No matter what you are cleaning. What matter is that how effectively you are cleaning your home?


Cleaning bathroom is not always easy. Meanwhile, it requires much time to clean the bathroom when compared to other room. However, you can get the bathroom cleaned when you are aware of the smart tips.  Spray tubs and counters with cleaner. Let the spray sit for a few minutes in the toilets. Also, you need to wipe down the toilet surface. Rinse the tub and clean your mirrors. Later, clean the kitchen floor. It literally takes 7 minutes to clean your bathroom. If you hire house cleaning san diego, they will clean your bathrooms more effectively.

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Living/Dining Rooms-7 minutes

It is common to see the dining room with dust and dirt. So, it is important that you clean the clutter first and them move on to the corner of the room. Make sure that you are cleaning from the top to bottom. If you find any dust on ceiling fans and dining hall, wipe it from top to bottom. Clean the vacuum carpeting store and upholster attachment.


It is extremely easy to clean the kitchen in just 15 minutes. All you need to do smart work rather than hard work. Load the dishwater, dirty dishes and sink properly. If you want to wash the removable burner piece on the stove top, just place it in the water before cleaning it. Also, dunk the sponges in hot water, and then wipe down cabinets, counters from top to bottom. When you rinse the sponge in the hot water, let it dissolve in the water for few minutes. The same can be applied to stainless steel appliances. You have to clean floors first and then hard flooring surface.