In this article, I will walk you through some essential guidelines that you will need to know to keep the peace between buyers (you) and real estate agents.

Now, it doesn’t matter how brilliant you are in your field, if you don’t follow the proper etiquette with your agent, the whole journey will be a tedious task. Agents that are excellent at their job, like the ones from Haus on Handy Handy Road, love working with people; however, some people tend to cross the line. So, to avoid getting on your agent’s wrong side, here are some rules you can follow to be on good terms with them.

Understand That the Agents Work on Commission:

Most agents work on a commission basis, that is, if they do a good job, they are paid, and if they don’t close a commission, he/she won’t get paid. This serves as an incentive factor and causes them to do a good job always. They are not public servants and will not to do your tasks for free; don’t make them work for you if you intend to cut them out of the deal.

Keep Your Appointments and Be Punctual:

Keep in mind that your agent has other appointments and clients to tend to and be respectful of his schedule; be respectful of their plans and heed the tie that has been set by them, don’t expect them to drop everything to show you a house at any time of day. Another grave mistake that buyers usually do is setting an appointment and forgetting to show up or showing up late. If you’re running late, you should let the agent know in advance.

Choosing an Agent:

This is one of the initial stages; here, you have to decide whether you want to deal with the selling process on your own or if you want an agent involved. If you want an agent, interview them to find the one you’re most comfortable with; when talking to them, make the agents aware that they are being questioned. Never interview two different agents from the same company.

Practice Open House Protocol:

Enquire with your agent if it’s okay for you to go for open houses without an escort because some houses frown upon unescorted visits. When you go for open houses, hand your agent’s card to the agent hosting the open house.This way, the agent knows that you have someone representing you and this protects you as well.

Make Your Expectations Known:

If you expect your agent to drive you around to various houses and also drop you home, let them know; many provide that service while some don’t, but it’s best to get this query out of the way in the beginning. Let your agent know your communication needs; this involves phone calls, emails, and text messages. Always set realistic goals and a valid time frame to find the house of your choice.Keep supplying your agent with feedback, this will help them refine your preferences better. Even if you don’t like something, be vocal about it, don’t be afraid to speak up.

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