Beautiful interiors are created, not with the costliest items and collections but with a nice choice of adornments that reflect your individual selection and the essence of that choice. If you want to revamp your interiors and give your living space a modern cum ethnic look, you need to browse the collection at Makevana, which brings a host of attractive cushion covers for your interiors, which are perfect for refurbishing your existing collections with. Take a look at some of the choicest pieces of handmade cushion covers and silk cushion covers from Makevana:

  1.     Handmade cushion covers

Add a touch of royal elegancy to your interiors with this pair of silk cushion covers, which have been designed on a soft silk cloth, in the shades of purple, systematically giving off the hues of purple, which is a colour of royalty, and a detailed silk work which depicts the shape of elephants. The level of definition that is imbibed in this creation, makes it ultimately attractive and a wise addition to your living rooms.

  1.     Bright red silk leaf cushion cover

If you want to add a tinge of colour to your living space and make it appear a modern revelation of your choice, go for this authentic red shaded silk leaf cushion cover. The rhythmic shades of red combine with golden and copper silk thread work in the design of a leaf, lending a modern and calm outlook to this cushion cover at once.

3  Printed Cotton Cushion Cover A truly ecstatic and modern definition of stylish decoration, this cushion cover set can add a dazzling charm to your interiors as you complement the look of your decorations with this cushion cover. The black silk circles on the cover depict a modern outlook and subtle class.

  1. Silk Designer cushions Covers  This one adds a dramatic blaze of colours to your interiors. In the shades of red, yellow and orange, you can find floral silk work along the stripes. This cushion cover is a subtle addition to your interiors if you need to match a number of decorations with your refurbished cushion covers.
  2. Embroidered cushion covers  For the modern lover, this cushion cover adds a glitz of design and calm tones to your interiors. The shades of red and white combine to lend a very authentic and classy tone to your interiors.

These silk cushion covers have been designed with durable materials, to ensure the long life of your chosen refurbishments for a long time. Shop at Make Vana today for the best styles!