If you need more space in your home, decorating your basement can be a great way to achieve it, not to mention the fact that you can add thousands to the value of your home if you ever decide to sell it.

The average basement renovations Toronto is around $ 5,100, and this investment pays 90.1% of the cost of reconstruction during resale.


There are many options open to the owner who considers a basement reconstruction project. This empty and raw space can become a cozy family room, guest bedroom, home gym or even possibly a cellar; the possibilities are endless.

The beginning of a good start

But before starting any basement reconstruction project, you must make certain preparations. As basements are known to be subject to flooding, it is imperative that you search and repair any cracks in the foundation. If your basement, like many others, is prone to excess moisture, you should also try before starting any real work.

Verify your wiring

Most likely, rebuilding your basement requires the addition of a large amount of new electrical wiring and possibly water supply. All this must remain available to facilitate maintenance after the completion of the project. One way to achieve this is to install prefabricated panels that can be easily removed when and when necessary.

Structural Problem Solving

When it comes to the ceiling, many people prefer to use a simple drywall, but if it has a suspended height or the acoustic tiles work well, especially to minimize traffic noise above. When it comes to floors, most professionals recommend installing a completely new basement, rather than simply placing tiles, laminates or carpets directly on a concrete floor.

Great lighting option

Choosing the right type and amount of lighting to remodel your basement is key to the entire project. Most of the basements, of course, are much darker than the rooms on the ground, and for your converted basement to lose the sensation of darkness and dimming, the lighting you install should not only be sufficient to create a wonderful atmosphere in the room, but also to perform specific tasks. Track lighting can be an excellent way to fill your basement with all the necessary light.

Color problems

Your paint colors can create or destroy your basement remodeling project, so take the time to choose them carefully. Bright and bold work well in the basement, but remember that the colors that worked well in the rest of the house can look very different in the basement, since the play of lights is very different.