At a very basic level, the concrete repair specialists help you avoid detailed repairs that can cost you a lot of money. Quite often it may so happen that when you walked into a new home you bought it had a couple of small cracks in the basement floor. In a couple of years, they may have widened. In these cases, it is not uncommon to see one of the two slabs sinking several inches beneath the other one. Many others face a similar problem. There is also a way that they go about solving it.

What do people do in these cases?

They may not avail of the services of the concrete repair specialists in this case. They can pay a contractor to take care of such a messy situation. In such cases, the contractors normally jackhammer most of the basement floor and then get a big concrete truck to come in and pour a new floor. Now, there are several reasons why you may be worried about such work. Obviously, the whole project is going to cost you a lot of money. Apart from that, it would also destroy all the landscaping and planting work that you have done around your house.

Why does a foundation settle?

This is one of the commonest problems that you could face as the owner of a property and this is where these concrete repair specialists can be of such great help to you. In some cases, the foundation caves in because the soil underneath the crawl space foundation or basement is a poor one when it comes to bearing load. This is the reason why with it, the time it ends up sinking or compressing. In other cases, the soil could get washed away as a result of drainage issues. This creates a void beneath certain sections of concrete footings or slabs.

Offering an alternative – excavation piering

Just because you have issues such as foundation settlement, it does not mean you would have to excavate, remove the rubble and construct it all over again. The best alternative that you could take in this regard is excavation piering. This is where the concrete repair specialists can help you to such an extent. In this case, piering techniques are used to connect slabs, footings, and walls to load-bearing soil or solid bedrock. Here the piers are first driven down at greater depth to stable soil.

After that strong steel brackets are attached to these piers. This is done to stabilize the sections of the foundation that have settled. At times, the settled foundations are also raised back to their original depth this way.


So, as you can see, this makes sure that the work is done in a much better way. This is why it is better to call the concrete repair specialists than general home repair contractors who either do not know anything about these piering techniques or do not have the equipment and training needed to pull off such work in the first place.