It is an expensive appliance, which should last for many years. There are many models, with different capacity and energy consumption. Keys to buy the ideal for you and avoid problems.

Of all the appliances, the washing machine best front load washing machine in India is, along with the refrigerator, one of the most used in the home. Because of its usefulness and its cost, when we buy it, we take the decision seriously and evaluate many things. It is key to choose well and that means knowing the Review Station options of the market and, also, evaluating how you are going to use it. We tell you what is the best washing machine for you and the variables to take into account when defining.

What washing machine to buy? Which is the best?

Defining which the best washing vmachine is is possible. And it’s not about comparing brands, but thinking about what is the ideal for you according to your needs, your budget and the way you are going to use it. A machine for a single person or a couple is not the same as for a family of 5 or 6, where more and more clothes are washed.

The first thing to define is how much money you want to spend, in order to find the best price-quality option.

Difference between automatic and semi-automatic washing machines

The automatic performs all operations without the user having to supervise it. On the other hand, semiautomatics require continuous attention to operations, which are carried out as we manually activate the orders. That is, you have to program to wash and then, again, to rinse, to put the softener, rinse again, etc. At one point, we end up being slaves of the artifact, so it is recommended that it be automatic.

Front or top load

The main difference lies, beyond where is the “door”, lies in the size. The top load are usually narrower (about 40cm wide) and can be located in places that front load would not enter, usually have higher load capacity and more speed of RPM (revolutions per minute) for the spin. It also allows interrupting the washing process to add garments without spilling water. For their part, the fronts can combine an intense and deep wash without damaging the garments, use less water and can be placed under the counter.

To take into account: the top of a washing machine with top load must be lifelines, since it will avoid sudden knocks caused by accidental closures. In addition, they are advisable for the elderly to avoid so they have to bend over.

Washing programs

This is a very important point when choosing, since it is not necessary to choose the one that has more programs because we will end up using no more than 3 or 4. Do not be fooled by a wide button that you may never use.

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