Noise is the unwanted sound that creates discomfort and problems for a person. Much like any other kind of pollution, noise pollution has a great impact on the health of a human being. This is why taking care of noise pollution and keeping a control on it important. We can both control and reduce noise pollution through certain ways. In this essay on noise pollution, a number of ways of controlling and reducing noise pollution have been discussed.

Use Earplugs

Especially for people who work in factories where appliances generating a lot of noise are there, it is advisable to use earplugs. Earplugs are inserted in the ear in a way that they seal the ear and don’t allow the noise to enter. Earplugs significantly reduce the amount of noise that enters a person’s ears.

Don’t exceed the prescribed volume on headphones

When people use headphones or earphones, there is a tendency to turn the volume up to maximum. This can be really harmful for the ears in a long run. This is why one should never exceed the prescribed volume on headphones or earphones.

Plant More Trees

Trees have the ability to absorb noises. This is why, if there’s an area with inevitable production of noise, planting trees there would be the best solution. Places, like airport and industries can’t function without making noise. Planting trees alongside roads, and keeping it green around the industries is the right way to deal with the noise in such areas.

essay on noise pollution

Have sound proof rooms

If a school or even a residential property is located in a noisy place, having sound proof rooms would help. Sound proof rooms don’t let the noise or high sounds enter the room, making it peaceful.

Regularly lubricate machinery

Industries and factories that use heavy machinery that make a lot of noise should regularly lubricate their machines. When not lubricated, these machines make screeching noises which make it worse for the workers in the factory.

Set up silent zones

Places, like schools, universities, and hospitals demand peace and silence. So, it is really important to establish silent zones in these places. For instance, if there is a road near these buildings, it should be declared as a no honking zone.

Getting vehicles checked timely

Overtime, a vehicle starts making more noise. This is why it is important to get the vehicles checked from time to time. It helps in reducing the noise pollution associated with traffic, besides honking.

Staying away from noisy areas

While this is not completely possible, it is best to avoid places that are noisy. One can also avoid living near noisy places and instead choose to live in a peaceful area, if possible.

The measures in this essay on noise pollution are very important to consider. Noise pollution creates a great impact on the overall physical and especially mental health of a person. It slowly affects the productivity of a person. In order to be completely healthy and avoid the effects of noise pollutions, these steps should essentially be taken.