You went on a vacation and looked for a hotel. Just when you went to the bathroom for some quick shower, you noticed something is amiss. It is when you can’t find the towel radiator.

 Towel radiators are important hotel bathroom components. This is because they are designed for heating your towels to dry them up. These radiators made from aluminum, steel, copper, brass, and stainless steel. As for its finish, it commonly runs with lacquer, chrome plating, or polished steel. Most of these dryers are heated electrically with the use of a heating cable. Some models circulate hot water allowing the towel to dry with the help of a connected central heating.  

Huge Benefits of Towel Warmers 

200mm wide electric towel rail

Towel radiators are not only used in hotels but in houses as well. It’s just that, helpful things are provided with it. It is best to have these towel warmers as:

o   They help you get rid of damp towels. 

Damp towels do not feel good. One of the best things about using these warmers such as the 200mm wide electric towel rail is they can make your skin healthy as germs are prevented. 

o   Warm towels make you relax after showering. 

Fresh and warm towels make you feel relax after a bath. This works best during the cold season. You do not want to finish a hot shower wiping out drips of water on your body by feeling cold after. The easiest solution for that is a towel radiator. 

o   These warmers make your bathroom bacteria-free. 

Damp towels may carry bacteria. This bacteria scatter fast, especially in small bathrooms. With the help of towel warmers, having a bathroom that is bacteria-free is experienced. 

How to Buy One 

Whether considered as a luxury item or a bacteria eliminator, towel rails are important bathroom components. When buying one, it is important to see:

o   Its size 

When it comes to the rail’s size, it should reflect the size of the bathroom. Smaller rails bring adequate heat to a small bathroom. The same thing goes with larger rails which work best with large bathrooms. In this case, the more spacious your bathroom is, the larger unit you must choose. 

o   Its output 

The output is one important thing to consider when having towel rails. Usually, they come up with the use of British Thermal Unit. The higher its hourly output, the more powerful it runs. 

o   Its finish 

Towel warmers come up in different finishes. The ideal one for minimalistic style is the chrome finish. This is because it is hard to wear which brings you a lasting service. 

o   Its cost 

If you are looking for lesser cost, then it is best to get an electric tower radiator as it allows you to have it running through the central heating. This gives you the freedom to heat even the bathroom without affecting the entire house. It also helps you save up energy consumption, thus, saving your monthly utility bill. 

200mm wide electric towel rail


Buying a towel rail is essential, not only to make your towels dry and bathroom clean. This rail is also great for maintaining style. Many hotels prefer the use of these warmers since they bring modern style to their area. Additionally, people prefer more on rooms that have these warmers as they want to have their damp towels dry all the time. What’s more, they are affordable and durable.