If you are a homeowner, you know that keeping your home pest-free can present a challenge. If you have a lot of foliage or property, your pest problems could rage from vermin, such as rats and mice, to ants or termites. Here are a few ways you can stop pests before they become a problem and keep your home safe and clean from unwanted visitors.

Check for Holes and Entryways

Holes in your home provide the perfect space for ants, rats, mice, and other bugs and pests to get in. You might not even know you have holes or small spaces, and only find out by accident. Check all of your window frames and doors that lead to outside, and see if there are any openings. If you find them, seal them off right away. It can be helpful to know what the most common pests are in this case.


Take Note of Chew Marks or Droppings

If you happen to see holes in your wood or even animal droppings or chew marks, take note. This could indicate that you already have an infestation on your hands and need to deal with it quickly. See if you can find out where the problem is coming from, and attempt to seal off the entrance, if it leads to the outside. If you are already infested, contacting pest control salem oregon can help put a stop to the problem.

Have the Outside Treated

Although having the outside treated might not stop all types of pests, it can curtail some, such as termites or even ants. If you live in a heavily wooded area, this might provide you with the solution you are looking for.

Stopping pests before they become a problem might seem challenging, but can be accomplished. Make sure to keep an eye open for possible holes and entryways. See if you notice any chew marks or droppings, indicating pests are already in the home. If they are, contact a pest treatment company. Finally, having the outside treated as well can help you prevent wildlife from coming into your home.