Nowadays, people are not interested in hammering a nail into the wall for hanging up something in it. Because it makes the wall very ugly, pits on the wall is very bad thing. So people are using multipurpose hooks instead of nails to hang up their things onto the wall. On using these hooks you don’t need to hit any nail into your walls. Command Hooks are adhesive 3m hooks that are very strong and rigid, but looks very similar to the all other type of hooks. Command multipurpose hooks are much known for its multi-purpose usage. Like all other adhesive products of command this too doesn’t make any stain or require of the nail on the walls. These hooks are very easy and handy in use for hanging in home or in an office. These multipurpose hooks can lift a load up to 1kg on them. It is very easy to remove and to relocate it, it does not make cause any damage or stain on your walls and it neither damages the paint work. So these multipurpose hooks are very useful and it is a perfect aspect for you to decorate and to organize your work and home space neatly and very easily. But one thing you need to concern is the adhesive behind the hooks are only applied to flat and smooth surfaces like walls, woods, tiles, glass, or even in some metals or some things.

Uses of these type of hooks

These type of hooks can also be used in your garden in hanging up your tools or in the repair area or in the work shop to hang up the items. It is a very useful thing in your garages where there are many tools you can easily hang up your tools in making use of these types of hooks. They are very versatile and very easy to use and carry. These hooks can be reused and it is recycled. These hooks are come under very cheap price and it will come with spare adhesive. Some of the places you should not use such kind of hooks. These hooks are not used on wallpapers or in varnishes. Command multiple purpose hooks are not reliable in other products and on other goods. Before using this hooks it is very important you to read the instructions and the manual properly first. It is one of the very useful and very good products of command. Make your home beautiful by buying the command multipurpose hooks and enjoy in using it. Make sure you will never hang up a thing which is over 1kg of weight keep concentrate on it.