When we look into some equipment in the woodshop, the table saw is termed as the heart of that place. This is a highly useful tool, which can use for many reasons. Although you can get this type of equipment by without one, if out focused on making new furniture or some kinds of larger projects this equipment makes your life much easier. After accumulating the table saws in your shop, you will find yourself using this at some point or another for majority of the projects. When we look deeply into the features of the table saws, we can spend the whole day on talking about the usefulness of the table saws. Here, we are going to discuss various types of table saws and some facts about saws and woodworking theories.

The table saws can generally break down into two main categories, such as stationary and portable. When we look deeply into the categories, there is another subtype within these two main categories. Firstly, you need to clear that most of the portable saws will be of lightweight and they can transport easily, but this also left something to desire in terms of precision, power, as well as the general usability. There is a wide choice while looking into the table saws, but people need to keep the general rule in mind. If the table saw is more portable, it is less functional and powerful and this is vice versa.

saws and woodworking theories

There are various types of table saws, let us discuss deeply into that:

  • Portable Table Saws: Within this category, there come some subtypes of saws with this, they are benchtop table saws and job site table saws.
  • Benchtop Table Saws: This is generally smaller and lighter form of a table saw. As the name indicated, they designed to sit on the bench, and they mostly designed for lightweight work.
  • Jobsite Table Saws: These forms of saw mainly designed to have a good combination of ruggedness, and functionality.
  • Stationary Table Saws: When you have the woodwork done in one place, you can go with this type of table saws. Under this, there are three subtypes of saws. They are hybrid saws, contractor saws, and cabinet saws.
  • Contractor Saws:  This is the next step of the job site table saw. The contractor table saw and the job site table saw used interchangeably, but when we look deep into that, they are a very different tool.
  • Hybrid Saws: This type of saw is similar to the contractor saw, and this has a comparable price. This is much cheaper than the cabinet saws.

• Cabinet Saws: This type of saw generally called as mac daddy of all other types of the saw.