There are many elite neighborhood communities that offer best to their residents.  They are the best places to live in the heart of the city. One of such exceptional properties is called the Petit Jervois City Condo, which consists of a site area of 34,038 sq. ft. and gross area of 52,419 sq. ft. and location on 30F Jervois Road Singapore 249012.  It is an attractive place as it is surrounded by innumerable magnetisms such as: the Popular Valley Point Shopping Centre, Redhill Food Centre, Bukit Merah Food Centre, Beo Crescent Market, Havelock Cooked Food Centre,Crescent Girl’s School, Alexandra Primary School and GanEngSeng Secondary School. Other schools include the below at Alexandra Primary School, Zhangde Primary School, Alexandra Primary School, Zhangde Primary School, Chij (Kellock), GanEngSeng Primary School, Queenstown Primary School, Radin Mas Primary School, River Valley Primary School, Chij (Kellock), GanEngSeng Primary School, Queenstown Primary School, Radin Mas Primary School, River Valley Primary School,LengKee Park, TiongBahru Park, Kim Seng Park, Pearl’s Hill City Park, Mount Faber Park, Zion Riverside Food Centre, TiongBahru Food Centre, Great World City Shopping Centre and for easy access and commutation Redhill MRT Station, Great World City MRT Station, Central Expressway(CTE) and Ayer Rajah Expressway(AYE) and a number of buses passing through River Valley Road and Alexandra Road.

Petit Jervois City Centre Condo

Top reasons to live in Singapore

While in Singapore, you can live in Petit Jervois City Centre CondoHowever, the primary question you must ask yourself is why you should live in Singapore. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Cost of Living
  2. Many jobs are regional in scope
  3. Settling
  4. Singapore has the best education system in the world
  5. Why the city specifically

Singapore is known as the hub for information technology and other international companies in PAN Asia region.  Many of the jobs have broader regional scope of responsibilities. These opportunities are perfect for those seeking to travel for business. The Singaporean government promotes international talent and welcomes them with open arms.  As a result, a company called “Contact Singapore” is created.

English is the basic language used in the country.  You must have a work visa in order to settle in the country.  One you have your work visa, you can easily get other facilities such as bank account and credit card.

The country is known for its safety. It is safe for people of all age groups such as men, women, kids, and elders.  Hygiene is no issue here.  Drinking water is safe around the corner.

“Team Expat” has structured the education system of Singapore.  It has produced some of the smartest and exceptional kids across the globe.  One such child is Genius Aidan Na.