Are you someone who loves your morning cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop but are compelled to drink it in the shop because of the shoddy packaging of to-go cups? If yes, then do not blame your coffee house. They try to do everything that would help you have the finest coffee but fall short when it comes to packaging. And it is it not their fault too. Earlier, the market just had ordinary packaging cups with lids that played no role in enhancing the coffee drinking experience. However, those days would soon be a thing of the past. Your favorite coffee house can order coffee cup lids from and make your day with the best coffee in town – even when drinking from to-go cups!

Lids manufactured by foam aroma are the future of to-go coffee drinking. Made from premium grade polystyrene, these lids are created with a vision of being the preferred brand for hot drink delivery systems. This lid aims to make the ordinary experience of drinking coffee on the-go extraordinary and thus has come up with a unique patented design that aims to engage the sense of smell and taste of the drinker and provide a wholesome coffee drinking experience. Its unique design has helped it get mentioned at many noteworthy places including “Tracking Cutting Edge Beverage Trends” in Prepared Foods magazine.


Lids from have a unique drinking hole that is triangular in shape and is at an angular surface. This particular design helps dispense foam with every sip and is a boon for those who missed the foam in go-to cups! The drinking hole is designed after a careful study and is created in such a manner that it allows the optimum combination of foam and liquid to come with every sip. This specific feature also helps maintain optimum drinking temperature of the drink at every sip. Another noteworthy feature of this lid is its aroma hole, situated just at the centre of the lid. This hole allows coffee drinkers to get a whiff of the enticing aroma of their drink at every sip and allows drinkers to engage their sense of smell too.

Available in black, brown and white colors, these lids have a perfect “Snap on” fit and have the ability to reduce spillage too. Order a sample for your favorite coffee house and see the difference.