Broken plasters, white patches, discoloured portions, leaking roofs and other flaws are quite common with the very old buildings that are challenged with excessive damp. Excessive moisture leads to shabby looks, health problems and financial problems for the dwellers and owners. Rising damp is a serious issue that needs to be tackled by the wise entities like ward damp proofing, the masters of their trade. They know their task well and relieve the building owners from this menace.

Tips to hire damp proofers – Those needing services of damp proofers should first assess their exact needs. Many of them may need them for routine checks while others may require their services for complete damp proofing of the building premises owned by them. It is good to list the specific tasks that you wish the damp proofing companies do for you. The focus must be emphasised on the following:

  • Trade skills – Be wise to book the damp proofing company that knows its task well. It should have qualified and trained staff on its rolls. The guys meant for damp proofing of the building should be well aware of the apt methods for relief from the menace of rising damp. No unqualified or untrained damp proofers should ever be hired as they may not perform well and you may be disappointed.
  • Experience – See that the damp proofing company hired by you has damp proofed numbers of buildings in the past. No inexperienced damp proofer should ever be hired as it is certain that it would not be able to do the task reliably. Poor accomplishment on his or her part may prove harmful for the building.
  • Sufficient know-how: The workers employed by the damp proofing company should be aware of the tools and chemicals meant for damp proofing the buildings. They should know how to use the injection guns etc.
  • Permission – Almost all the state authorities bestow licenses to the damp proofers to operate in certain areas. So it is good to see that they have the same. Avoid hiring unauthorised damp proofers as it may lead to complications at later stages.
  • Wide hunt – Be wise to approach your friends, relatives and other known ones before assigning the task to someone. Go through the newspapers or have a look at the customer review platforms. Few companies maintain their own websites too. Have a click on the internet and access them.
  • Interview and quotes – Be informed to contact a few damp proofing companies and interview them. Make a comparison chart with regard to their credentials before booking any company. Be wise to call for quotes from the companies that you come across. Compare their details and other aspects.

Adherence to the above simple tips can be helpful in booking reasonably priced entities like ward damp proofing for overall satisfaction.