Summer is short and it’s sad to see it end. Preparing your property for winter is just part of being a homeowner, and for some that includes closing a pool. If you’re dreading this step, there’s help. Here’s what you need to know for a successful pool closing.

Start Well Before Snow Flies

One of the simplest ways to begin the pool closing process takes place with your regular fall clean-up. As you rake your yard, begin fishing out all the leaves and debris that have fallen into your pool. Clean off your deck and break down furniture and pool toys for next year. After the cleaning is done, that’s when the real fun starts.

Get the Help of an Expert

Closing your pool means water testing and getting the right amount of chemicals measured out to keep your water properly chlorinated until you open it again. Because of this delicate procedure, many people prefer to trust expert pool maintenance Pittsburgh to get it right. Having a professional close your pool is preferable to finding a pool covered in green slime come springtime.

Preparing Your Pool for the Winter Season

Get a Good Cover

Whether you close your pool or let the experts take care of it, you’ll need to have a good cover. If your current cover has rips or holes, invest in a new one to keep your pool covered tightly once Old Man Winter makes his way into town.

Close Pool, Open Hot Tub

Just because your pool is closed doesn’t mean you’re stuck in front of the TV all winter. Many people celebrate the closing of their pool with the opening of their hot tub. Hot tubs are beyond relaxing on cold winter days, so don’t put away that swimsuit just yet.

Your Pool Is Secure

There’s no reason to fret about pool closing season. Although pools do require maintenance, reaching out for help makes it easy. Your pool will be secure all winter and ready to open next spring.