Having a pet is a very exciting and beautiful thing but they come with responsibility. Besides feeding your dog and taking him for a walk, you need to clean and remember to buy all the equipment you need before you even get one. You need to purchase the right shampoo, food, leash, clothes if needed and something to clean the hair that they leave all around the house.

Maybe one of the most annoying things, when they grow up, is shedding. They will leave fur all over the place and if you don’t have the right equipment you will have a hard time cleaning the house. The best option in most cases is to get a vacuum but there are other products like specific brooms and brushes. You will choose them depending on the area you will brush. By visiting a few review websites, it should be easy to find the best pet hair vacuum online.

Type of Surface

The crucial thing you need to take care of is the type of surface the dog messed up. This is important because some products can destroy them or leave a permanent mark so be careful. A good tip is to use washable covers for your beds because you can easily replace them when needed. Wash them at least once a week.

One of the biggest issues can be carpets because hair becomes embedded deep into it and it becomes tricky to remove. You might find some products online but most of them won’t do the trick. A much better option is to have wood flooring but for each situation, there is a solution.

Removing Pet Hair

Broom or Vacuum

If you find a good quality product, they will probably have a good use for a certain situation but you would want to find what suits your needs. It’s hard to compare a broom with the vacuum but when it comes to pets, both are very useful. Brooms are great on carpets but only if they are specially made for bristle removal. You can find them in any pet store or by surfing online. Read more on this page.

A vacuum cleaner will become your best friend if you own a golden retriever or similar kinds that leave a lot of fur behind them. You can get popular brands like Vax or Dyson but most of them on the market will do the job if they are made of this occasion. They are usually smaller and can fit in any space where the dog can leave a mark. The most common areas are sofas, beds and carpets.

What to Look for?

When you look at the specifications, the suction power is the most important factor you need to take into consideration. It will only remove dust from the ground if it is low which isn’t useful in any case. It’s better to invest a little bit more and has something that will do the job and have multiple purposes.

They won’t tell you much about metrics like amps and watts and they will use it to display how strong the motor is which won’t always mean that the suction will be strong. The key thing to look at is the cubic feet per minute of CFM. You can also consider AW or air watts that represent the amount of power it uses to pull the dust through the nozzle. Get at least 100 AW of suction but the more the better.

Other Options

If your vacuum and broom can’t do the work, the third-best option is to get a rubber grooming glove. They can also be found in most pet stores and can do miracles when it comes to your furniture. By only swiping on the surface, it will collect every hair follicle. The only disadvantage it has is that you need to clean it every time something sticks on it.

You also have other options like brushes you use to clean your car or dry sponges. Every sponge has two sides and one of them is stiffer which can be used surfaces like carpets. You don’t need to have every product you can find online, better invest in one that will replace others. Do your research before buying and read customer reviews to make sure it is the right choice. Find more information here: https://www.wikihow.com/Remove-Pet-Hair-from-Your-Car.