At an Age when most people are only thinking of rushing on at breakneck speed, “Big Sky” Montana offers peace and tranquility on a platter, and with all mod cons intact. Modern Communication Technology brings the World closer than next door, and all necessary daily services are available from nearby sophisticated Municipalities of some of the most modern towns and cities. An area that is the fourth largest of all States in the USA, and a near smallest population (least 7Th) has wonderful advantages for the people who have the money, time and inclination to invest in Luxury Homes. Luxury Homes In Montana  need not only be for the occasional vacation, but could be lived in for all time, given the access provided by the nearby modern towns and cities of Montana.

The Beautiful State

Montana State is one of the original Signatories of the Declaration of Independence of America. This is a land of heritage and tradition. This land originally belonged to the American-Indian Sioux Tribe, on whose burial grounds the present city of Livingston is built. The city of Bozeman and the town of Missoula, are some of the picturesque spots where beautiful luxury homes have come together to form powerful communities of affluent and artistic people. Kalispel is also a lovely and mountainous lakeside resort.

Luxury Homes In Montana

Situated beside the Foys Lake, with the National Highway close by, agents for Kalispel have listed several luxury homes worth coveting, but within a very reasonable range of price. Standing proudly in front of snowy mountains, such as the North Pinnacle, beside the Creston Trail, Kalispel is just beside Highway 93 North (listed as an All Weather Highway). Road communication is therefore excellent in all weathers. Prices for luxury homes start at around US$250,000, and peak around US$800,000. Properties in Bozeman, on the other hand, start at around US$500,000 and peak at around US$10 million. Bozeman is obviously more costly, and not only are its homes more elaborate, the neighborhood is also considered more prime. Missoula is on the Bandmann Trail, near the Pattee Canyon. Here, the luxury properties are medium priced and vary from US$300,000 up-to about US$1.5 million.

The Luxury Spread

The town of Missoula also offers a really large tract flying between West Broadway and Mullan Road. Priced at US$28.35 million, it is 270 acres in area. This is the historical Dougherty Ranch Land and is up for sale as fully residential, fully commercial or mixed use development. Another luxury home, in Big Sky, is currently considered the most expensive luxury home on sale at present. It is also a US$28 million residence, which has been built on mountain and is a 20 minute from a private club, where Bill Gates and Justin Timberlake go to ski.