For more than 40 years, home shows have been organized to bring together all the professionals in the industry offering home renovation services and products in South Florida. Each year, two shows are held in Fort Lauderdale and Miami featuring the brands who are in the market of latest home renovation products and services. As an exhibitor, this is an excellent opportunity for you to promote your latest innovative products and services and offer them to thousands of homeowners visiting the show. As a customer, you get the feel of all the trendy, high-quality products and services for your new home project. It leads to a great connection between the buyers and the sellers, and there is an aura of excitement spread all over the event. Here, you can expect 92% homeowners, 34% trade industry, 93% between the age of 28 to 65 yrs, 56% having an income of $100k plus. You can expect 55% of the sale during the show and 42% of the sale after the show.

A great platform

South Florida Home Design and Remodeling is one of the ideal platforms for marketing luxury designer brands of businesses of different sizes. As an exhibitor, in such a home show your brand gets the perfect exposure. It helps in creating the high level of brand awareness, helps to promote your services and products and ultimately gain business. Before the show starts, their team takes the responsibility to spread the news about the event and your brands to ensure maximum footfall of prospective customers. By participating in such shows, you get the chase to interact face-to-face with thousands of potential buyers and communicate to them about your product or service. Also, it gives you an excellent opportunity to build a strong & secure network with the other professionals in the industry and expand your knowledge about the latest trends in the home remodeling market.

At home shows as a customer, you will find

At this home remodelling show as a customer you will come across:

  • Home décor and renovation items including the kitchens utility items, furniture, windows, flooring and a lot more
  • Get in touch and discuss with the home service professionals of Florida who are there to guide about your next upcoming project
  • Take advice regarding the designs and get into interesting discussions from the eminent remodeling professionals
  • Come across valuable resources which will help you in your next project
  • Meet some of the celebrities who visit the show as honourable guests

The final takeaway

On participating as an exhibitor in the South Florida Home Design and Remodeling show you get the chance to collect quality leads, build a call list that can generate you a month’s business, an online exposure both before and after the show, benefit a lot from their marketing and advertising strategies and ultimate create a visibility of your brand.

As a buyer, you get to shop on a variety of interior designs for your new home, automation systems, home décor items, landscapes and a lot of other technologically advanced products and services. By attending such shows, you get all that you need under one roof.

So, ultimately we can conclude that participation in such home shows is highly beneficial for both the parties.