The most common and traditional way of growing flowers is classic terracotta pots. Terracotta natural and earthy and, consequently, a natural opportunity to consolidate any plant. Nowadays, fiberglass and plastic pots are becoming popular, but terracotta pots are still the highest garden pots. Consists of clay, burned at low temperature. A small amount of iron compounds in clay gives a typical rustic texture.

Before the advent of plastic and other materials for making pots, terracotta was the only option. Nowadays, terracotta is a natural choice of gardeners, because it is a cheap and simple production of decorative and functional items. Many gardeners prefer terracotta, despite its heaviness due to its natural appearance and design. Terracotta plants are cheap and frost resistant. There are many disadvantages, as terracotta is vulnerable to algae and mosses. Terracotta is fragile and weighs more than plastic or fiberglass pots of similar size.

Placement of pots in garden pots

A common practice is to cover the base of the pot with a layer of dirt and then apply a layer of gravel 5 cm thick. This provides good drainage and prevents soil rinsing.

terracotta pots

The practice is accepted by many gardeners, because it improves drainage and stops waterlogging. However, soil scientists gave their assumptions that when water passes through two layers, one thick and the other thin, the flow may change in certain directions. Sometimes water does not move between two layers due to capillary forces, this causes the plants to saturate after a long period of watering.

Gardening tips in terracotta pots.


Selection of pots

There are many garden pots, so choosing the right pots for your garden is not an easy task. Garden pots are available in various shapes, sizes and prices. The quality of the pan depends on the clay used and the cooking temperature in the oven. For example, low-fire clay will not last long and will decompose after a few years. Forming pots are often not frost resistant. If you want to grow heavy plants, find pots with thicker walls.

Planting and growing

It must be absorbed quickly prior to installation. Soaking at night saturates the clay so that it does not absorb moisture from the soil. When filling the floor, leave a little breather, place the coffee filter paper or newspaper on the bottom of the pan before filling the floor. Take care of the drainage system, because the roots need a break for growth.

Investment Consideration

If you want to buy luxury handmade pots, it will be quite expensive. There is no difference as long as you do not want to put your pots for decorative purposes. Bulk products are pretty cheap, but do not forget to buy new and fresh pots. Old pots are mainly affected by fungi and other harmful substances that need treatment, which are also harmful to plants. Clay pots are breathable, so that fertilizer and hard water minerals seep through walls. This process will lead to the accumulation of white bark on the walls of the pot. If the pot is very crisp, it is better to replace it, because hard and crisp pots are problematic for plants.