If you are thinking of overhauling your home decor, you should research the best and most stylish interior design and furniture styles. The 2019 year began with comfy and surprising furniture trends. Regardless of how big the room you want to furnish is, you can select the best trend to consider from the many options available. There are tons of style-savvy interior design solutions for those looking to renovate their homes and improve the looks. Here are some of the most stylish furniture solutions you can find in reputable online stores like 1StopBedrooms.

Curved Furniture

Over the previous years, we have seen benches, sofas, and chairs fitted with sleep contours and ruler-straight lines. Their era is gone though. Today, most of furniture pieces are fitted with non-symmetrical playful curves and shapes. Rather than the everyday rectangular living room chairs, we now have wave-shaped coffee tables. Curved furniture is naturally beautiful and attractive and will help convert your living or sitting room into a more welcoming environment.

Naturally Crafted Furniture

2018 was a year of tech-oriented and smart furniture. Most pieces of furniture were crafted from tech-savvy and smart materials. In 2019, this trend is no longer active. Most people are opting for naturally crafted pieces of furniture. Furniture made of natural materials such as granite, quartzite, wood, stones, and concrete are the most trending pieces. Other furniture pieces are created from natural fabrics such as tapestries, upholstery, and cushions.

Compact and Multifunctional Furniture

The rise of the number of people living in urban centers and other related demographics has triggered the invention of flexible furniture that can be easily moved and serves multiple purposes. These include but not limited to convertible sofas, stackable seats, foldable and expandable tables. These are high-end and space-saving furniture solutions that works perfect for everyone regardless of the amount of spacing they have ready for installing the furniture. They can be used in towns where people have tight spaces and small apartments. They are simply the best choices for everyone who wants to save interior spacing.

Metal Furniture

Metal furniture pieces are more popular today than ever before. Most furniture designers are crafting furniture and fixtures from metallic materials. These pieces of fixtures are not only strong and durable but also super attractive and innovative. The designs can be customized to offer the most attractive looks and unequalled functionality. Among the most commonly used materials are blackened metal, copper, brass, polished nickel, rose gold, and stainless steel. All these are considered great solutions for all since they are not only durable but also fully functional.


If you are in the hunt for quality and innovative furniture to install in your bedroom, living room, sitting room, kitchen or office, these are some of the most trending solutions to consider. They are not only trending but also compatible with most interior decors and designs. If you are considering buying online, you can head to 1StopBedrooms for best solutions at best prices. This is a reputable, established, and renowned store that has been offering top-notch services and products to customers for years.