Thermostats: Concept, Pros & Cons of the best in Market

Concept of a Thermostat

For the better understanding of the know how’s of a smart thermostat it is crucial to know the concept as well as the functionality of a thermostat. A temperature monitoring mechanism that can potentially set as well as adjust the temperature inside your home is generally termed as a Thermostat. In the industry of thermostats, currently, there is a rage about ecobee3 vs nest 3. The inception of traditional thermostats came with a wire that was connected to the HVAC which would trigger the mercury switch by either contraction or expansion.

Post that came in the concept of digital thermostats that was identified by its accuracy of operations and functionality. In comparison to the traditional wire thermostat, this one could closely measure the inside temperature. However, in the past few years, there has been an immense improvement in the technology of thermostats. The thermostats of today are better known as Smart thermostats. The battle between ecobee3 and nest 3 is huge in the modern world of thermostat technology.

Emergence of the word ‘Smart’ for thermostats

With the rising futuristic concept of smart homes, the demand for smart thermostat technology to be installed is also growing. You must be thinking what is the difference between a traditional and a smart thermostat? It is simple; in a house that is device reliant having a thermostat that can be programmed smartly and conveniently is the call of the hour. The smart thermostats are huge when it comes to saving the otherwise wasted energy and also works in accordance with your preferred lifestyle. They do not rely on you to be manually handled but are self-reliant so much so that a smart thermostat can self-learn to run the HVAC unit to the preferred temperature.

Plus, in the world of gadgets, a variant of smart gadgets like Smartphone and tablets can be used to control and adjust the functioning. This is done with the assistance of the Apps. Thus, remote monitoring becomes possible that adds on to one’s convenience. It is due to the presence of smart thermostats in your home that you no longer have to worry about forgetting to switch it off while leaving home. You can simply do it from anywhere via the app on your mobile device. Having a preferred temperature home once you step foot into the house after a long tiring day amidst office work. Does it not sound absolutely enticing?

Pros & Cons of Nest and Ecobee3


It has an amazing design. This thermostat comes with free Android apps and has an easy installation process.


While on the flip side of the scenario, it fails to rest even when the power is off & takes time to get a hang of away settings.


Setting it up is easy than ever. It has a local weather indicator & a home screen time displayed. The screen is highly responsive.


The technical support of Nest is not that great and unlike Ecobee, it does not have an extra sensor.

Let us know what you think about these smart thermostats!


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