When you have the small room, it can be a little tough to find the bed that does not take all the space available. So, in such situation, people look at the loft bed. There’re a few factors that you have to consider when you finally go to buy it or you can find the complete reviews at cozyhousetoday.

How Much of Headroom You Want For Loft Bed?

The important features that you must consider when looking for the loft bed is its headroom. It is a space that generally lies between ceiling and top of its mattress. You require enough of headroom space to climb up to a loft bed as well as get out of this in morning without even hurting your head at the ceiling.


Suppose you have decided you would like to buy the loft bed, first thing you have to do is measure the space. You have to know the exact floor space and height of the ceiling. When you are looking at the loft beds ensure you add another 36inches on every side. This can allow you move over the structure with no concerns.

Space below the Loft Bed

One benefit of the loft beds is an extra floor space, which you can still have. However, an amount of the space below can depend on height of a bed also. As the rule of thumb, one can expect having 50.5 inches space accessible underneath 8 inch ft ceiling bed as well as 55.5 inches on 9 inch ceiling bed, as well as 63 inches on 10 inch ceiling bed.

loft bed

Weight Limit

The loft beds aren’t made all same. And some of them are actually made just for the kids whereas others will be used by the adults. Thus, you have to ensure that you check out weight limits of a bed with manufacturer.

Look for Guardrails For the Loft Bed

Whereas loft beds are not needed to have any guardrails as the loft beds for kids do, I recommend them. Accidents may happen and fall from the high loft bed will be nasty.

Type Of Mattress

As I suggest that loft beds or bunk beds must include guardrails of 5 inches above its mattress. You have to count an extra height of your mattress. Generally, the mattress between 8 to 12 inches must be really good.