Top Tips To Design A Bed Room

A bedroom is the simplest of rooms in a house and so is mostly over looked while deciding the décor of your home. The first step to a great bedroom design is creating a well designed and efficient floor plan which provides everything you desire whatever be the size of space you begin with.

 The following are tips to gain maximum advantage of your bed room:

  • Easy circulation

Make an effort to keep your circulation to one side of the room. This is a principle used by 90% of hotels. This is because this tip is simple and works well.

 Plans for circulation become more challenging with regard to en-suite rooms (bedrooms with attached bathrooms). So also, with bedrooms which have doors to the outside.

 In order to save space, focus attention on where to locate the closet and bathroom in your bedroom. Bedrooms which have access to closet or bathroom before the area for sleeping need a longer hall. In case you organize circulation such that closet and bathroom are accessed via the sleeping area, you will not require a separate hall. You can even add the circulation space inside room to create a feel of a larger area.

  • Concentrate on the view

A nicer feel for a bedroom is when you enjoy a pleasant view out of the window instead of a view looking straight towards the bed. In case you are re-modeling an old bedroom or creating a new bedroom, make an effort to design a layout which pays focus to the vista- whether it is your back yard or something as beautiful as a lake.

  • Focus on privacy

It is always a great experience when you can leave bedroom door open without abandoning your privacy. For instance, a small foyer provides a barrier to the bedroom from the family room. Try to avoid designing a layout in which a bed room that opens directly to other rooms of common use like living room, dining room or kitchen.

  • A connection with the outdoors

While this is not possible in all climates, linking a bedroom with the outdoors is wonderful way to make the space larger and admit natural light. In case your bedroom is on the ground floor, including a set of French doors can immediately enhance visual space.

  • Layout of furniture

The architecture of your bedroom must keep in consideration the furniture. A bed wall is often included in bedroom floor plans. But there are many other items- desk, chairs, TV’s, night stand, dressers etc.

Put your heads together with the interior designers to ensure that there is sufficient space beside the bed for much circulation, so you can access easily the three sides of your mattress.

  • Enhance ventilation and light

When you locate your bedroom towards the home’s corner can provide windows for two or even more adjacent walls. Doing this provides added advantage of  soft natural light and cross ventilation.

  • Devote time

It takes time to create great designs and mostly need refining prior to come up with a perfect plan to match your lifestyle. You must not rush things- it is valuable to take some extra time to ensure a more functional and efficient plan. Search for top bedroom design firms in india  who will help you create practical plans.

These are some tips to design a beautiful and functional bedroom.


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