You will have many choices when it comes to selecting the right equipment for your indoor playground. It all depends on your unique preferences and available space. Generally, there is not much of a difference between indoor and outdoor playground equipment, but you can always decide to be a bit creative when it comes building and indoor playground.

indoor and outdoor playground equipment

When comparing the indoor and outdoor playground equipment, you will notice that the equipment for indoor playgrounds is usually softer, smaller, and more modular. It is mainly because your kids should stay safe while playing. Due to the smaller size of the equipment, it is possible to build an indoor playground in parks, preschools, restaurants, daycares, and even stores. You just need to have sufficient space and professionals can help design it for you and your kids who will have hours of fun while learning new skills. Here are some of the most common types of equipment for indoor playgrounds:

  • You should consider getting the floor mat when building your indoor playground. Floor mats are the combination of carpeted, rubber, or plastic sections, which are usually woven or dyed from games, puzzles, or mazes. In some cases, finding a right type of floor mat can help keep kids interested. For instance, you can get a floor mat with tic-tac-toe game board or even a racetrack with attractive felt cars.
  • You can also opt for obstacle courses to be used in your indoor playground. You should opt for these physical play systems if you want the combination of creativity and physical exercise. There may be different elements of an obstacle course, and it is possible to use those elements separately as well. By opting for obstacle courses, you will help your child develop motor coordination because they have to overcome several obstacles, like sliding down a ramp, climbing a rope wall, sliding down a pole, and jumping down a platform. You can opt for multi-level plastic structures to be included in your obstacle course to make it more creative and somewhat challenging.
  • You can also consider including inflatable bouncy castles in your indoor playground. Kids are going to love these bouncy castles because they can bounce, jump, and tumble without having to worry about falling. You can make these blown-up platforms even better by adding other toys like soft Frisbees or plastic balls to them. Interestingly, you can choose from a variety of thematic shapes, including spaceships and carousels to create a perfect playing environment for kids.
  • You can also get some soft, fabric tubes that look like guinea pig mazes. There are coils supporting these tubes and you can join several tubes to make a tunnel. They provide kids with a chance to be more creative while playing.

The fact of the matter is that you should learn a bit about the equipment you can have in your indoor playground to make it more entertaining and interesting for kids. However, if it all seems a bit too daunting, you may simply bag the idea of building your own playground and look for a nice place in your local area. Many indoor playgrounds are now offering their services that you and your kids can take advantage of. Just take your time and select an indoor playground carefully.