Don’t know how to fix a clogged toilet? No problem.

With the help of a plunger and a toilet snake, even a repair newbie can get the clogged culprit in just a minute!  In this article, it’ll show how you can fix a household nightmare by clearing a clogged toilet.

A toilet that won’t flush only means that the drain is partially or completely plugged. If the toilet is plugged, it’ll fill the brim with flush water resulting from overflow. At least give the water level for about 10 minutes to drop, then you may start using the plunger to unclog your toilet.

But most of the clogged toilets won’t easily drain. It just partially fills the bowl but it doesn’t flush away the waste. The water level will remain high and usually, it drains down within a minute. You won’t know if a toilet is clogged until you hit the flush.

If you suspect that the toilet has a problem, you must first test the drainage. And if it doesn’t drain, don’t flush! Just go to the tools cabinet and get your toilet plunger.

Try removing the tank lid and lift the flapper valve, let a cup of water into the bowl and take note if the water goes down. Remember, flushing a clogged toilet can result from flooding the entire bathroom floor.

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Start with a Toilet Plunger

Toilet plunger is a plumber’s best friend. For most of the common toilet problems, only a single tool like plunger will save your day. Look for a plunger with an extension flange on the rubber bell-shaped end. If plunger has this extension, pressure from the suction is stronger.

Plunge the toilet with the rubber flange and pulled it out to get better suction. Start by pushing in and out simultaneously and enough water to cover the plunger. And if this doesn’t fix the issue, keep scrolling down and read the instruction below.

Plumber Tips: Steps on How to Use a Plunger

To start, wear a rubber glove because things can get messy, and if you’re ready just follow these instructions:

  • First plunging must be gentle. A hard thrust won’t help you, it’ll just blow water all over you.
  • Once the suction is out of the air, start plunging in and out simultaneously. Plunge it for 15-20 times if necessary.
  • You can try alternating strokes or moved to the other side of the toilet
  • Don’t drain the bowl, keep enough water so toilet plunger stays covered. And forcing air through the toiler won’t help you gather stronger pressure.

Usually, the steps that were listed above will clearly catch the clog culprits. However, if the clogs won’t’ still fixed, you can try using a toilet snake. A plumber’s snake is a tool that goes down to the pipes to remove clog culprit. This tool will help you to release the clog faster than a toilet plunger. However, you’ll need the help of a professional to solve this issue. Professionals like Long Beach plumbers such as Ritz Plumbing can help with your toilet issues.