The remodeling of the bathroom leads constantly to a strong return on investment for homeowners who want to modernize. The dollars spent in this room are usually converted to the best-selling price. A popular and excellent addition to any master bath is the multifunctional shower panel. They come in a variety of styles, which offer a wide range of features and instantly add valuable effects.

Most styles come with several planes strategically organized to provide good body coverage.

 Some of these include a manual installation connected with a hose, which gives even more space to cover. Look for models that offer easy pressure adjustment, allowing you to further personalize the experience. Some styles offer massage options, others have a gentle spray that looks like rain, while others offer a serene waterfall. Some units also include a built-in shelf, which makes them a practical choice, as they provide the convenience of storing shampoo and other essentials. Depending on the chosen style, they can offer a very elegant modern look or even a high class industrial look.

Make sure the selected model works with the water lines you use in your current device. The pressure is also worrisome, as it is important that the pressure in your lines be sufficient to support the number and type of heads you add with the new addition. The installation requirements for the shower panel will vary depending on the type of cabinet. Make sure you have the right tools for the model you choose or hire a professional to perform the installation.


Many of those who decided to redo the bathroom, decided to go to the shower without a frame.

This gives the appearance of sustained glass without visible means of support. Without a metal frame, the resulting effect is a very open and airy view. This is especially useful to demonstrate beautiful tiles and makes the overall decoration of the entire room. In this configuration, a soft shower wall panels can quickly become a beautiful focal point, which is easily seen through frameless shower doors. An additional advantage is that these types of enclosures can create smaller spaces if they are done correctly.

If your home is entering the market and you currently have a bathroom space with a date, consider investing in remodeling. Regardless of whether you are involved in a field and start from scratch, or simply update devices and functionality, the appropriate design options and updates can facilitate sales.


It also has a hand-held shower, which allows you to easily cleanse your body with the main shower. At the bottom of the shower panel there are four jets of water for a relaxing massage effect, as well as a spout to fill the bathroom. At $ 600, this system can be a bit expensive. However, according to the comments, it’s worth it.