Every homeowner desires to have an appealing look for their kitchen, especially the ones living in contemporary style homes. This is the reason why people aim to get granite, marble or quartz for their kitchen countertop. Unfortunately these materials are pretty expensive, and hence the quartzite and Dolomite stone benchtops were preferred as alternatives for the kitchen countertop. Both Dolomite and quartzite add a striking similarity to the high-end kitchen countertop materials, but are relatively durable and cheaper when compared to other countertop materials. Moreover, these two kitchen countertop are available in a variety of colours, but the most elegant of them all is the Super White quartzite and Super White Dolomite Sydney countertops.

Which One to Choose – Dolomite or Quartzite?

The Dolomite stone is named after a French mineralogist, Dolomieu. It is a sedimentary rock which comprises of about 50% of the mineral dolomite in its weight. It develops in the underground of the mountains in Italy. One of the unique characteristics of dolomite is that, it does not bubble when subjected to acid. This means, Dolomite has a higher durability than most other kitchen countertop. Also, it is available in a range of colours like – pink, brown, grey, black, green and the Super White Dolomite Sydney glassy countertop.

It is heat, pressure and water resistant. This is the reason, why the dolomite countertop is durable. Dolomite is stronger than marble, and unaffected by most of the elements that bring damage. Besides, the super white dolomite cost is affordable. However, it is vital to seal the countertop once every year, just to ensure that you enjoy the benefits of dolomite countertop durability.

Dolomite stone benchtops


Quartzite develops all the way through the process of metamorphism of quartz sandstone. It is usually obtained from the hillsides and mountains. The most unique characteristic of quartzite is that, it can really last long. Quartzite countertops are available in yellow, brown, black, purple, blue, green, light grey and super white. The colour is determined by the amount of iron oxide present in the quartzite. It has the same features as that of granite, but it is even harder. Once if you install it for the countertop, you don’t have to worry about staining just like dolomite.  The only requirement is that, you must use only a stone cleaner to clean it up and seal it once a year.

Both these kitchen countertop choices make a great choice for contemporary kitchens and each one has its own benefits. The added advantage is these materials come in a variety of colour options to match the flooring, kitchen cabinetry and the wall colour.  You can choose any of them to match your budget and kitchen interior designs!