The ceiling options are not just a lot, but a lot. And at all, at first glance, it is quite appropriate for the kitchen, but, if you understand, it turns out that some coatings are not suitable at all.

Today, we will see what ceiling is best done in the kitchen, after reviewing all existing options from time to time. Also, we will tell you which ceiling is the best, judging by the opinions published on the Internet.

Bleached ceiling

In the twenty-first century star ceiling, it would seem that a whitewashed ceiling is absurd at the planning stage. But, if you remember the ceilings that make in adobe huts. And who makes you write like that? If the ceiling is not bleached with a brush, but with the same roller, the view is very beautiful. And, if using a spray gun, the song will come out quite!

The ceiling will look like a water-based paint (of course, if you have already leveled the surface with a putty). In whitewash, you can add a little snow-white dye to accentuate the effect.

Therefore, we can say that the option is entirely appropriate and works. In operation, such a coating – just perfect. It should only be refreshed once a year with a new solution, as the bleaching will turn yellow due to soot and burns in the kitchen. But in all fairness, everything will go yellow because of the gas, not just the whitewash. And, if an update costs such a penny that even laziness is taken into account, it will be more expensive with other materials.

Ceiling painted in the kitchen

It’s just like in the case of whitewash. The only water-based paint  on star ceiling  is a bit more expensive. Yes, there are expensive paints that can be washed. But to wash is said very loud, frankly. They can be lightly wiped with a damp cloth, that’s all. Therefore, you will not achieve a particular purity, you will have to repaint everything, but you will throw money for nothing.

What is also very important in practical terms is the base on which the paint is applied. If the right is on putty, and it – on concrete, then it’s a good option for the kitchen. If you are on a plaster box, it’s worse if you live in a high-rise building.

Why and because in the kitchen, there are many places from which water can flow from the pipe from the neighbors above. And if an ordinary ceiling divides into red divorces, which can be easily and simply repainted, plasterboard ceilings collapse and crack. We will have to change the whole structure.