If you’re looking for tree service in your area, there are a few things to look for. Of course, you’ll need to know the average cost of tree removal, and you’ll have to get details on additional services that tree service companies offer.

You can expect to pay between $150 and $1,500 for tree removal service. This is a large price range to work with, but the cost will depend on how large the tree is since more labor is required to remove trees that have grown extremely tall or trees that have very deep roots. Keep in mind that this is the price estimate for tree removal alone; if you need additional services, each of these services has a separate price.

When a tree is removed from your yard, the contractor will likely have to rope down sections of the tree so that he/she can climb the tree and cut the tree into pieces that are easier to manage. This method is also safer for your property since trying to cut the entire tree down at one time could cause damage to your home when the tree falls. Most of the time, the contractor will remove the cut tree from your property without charging you extra, or sometimes the tree removal fee will be included in your price estimate.

As far as extra services go, you’ll need to talk to your tree removal contractor about removing the limbs of the tree from your property and get a price quote for this service. Removing the limbs from your lawn will normally cost between $50 and $75. If you don’t want the limbs to be taken away and would rather have them chopped into chips, this service may be included in limb removal. If not, you’ll pay about $75 for the contractor to create limb chips for you.

Stump removal is another service that tree removal companies offer, and this is rarely included in the cost of cutting the tree down. This is because removing the stump requires different equipment than cutting down the tree, and a subcontractor is often needed for this part of the job. However, there are some instances where the tree removal service will offer a special price for stump removal. Depending on the diameter of the stump, you will likely pay from $60 to $350 per stump removal.

When it comes to tree trunk removal, the contractor will usually cut the trunk into smaller sections so that the trunk sections are easier for you to move. However, if you want the trunk removed from your property, the cost is between $50 and $100. You can also request log splitting services if you have a fireplace and want to use the logs to start and maintain a fire in your home. Just let the contractor know that you want this service when you’re making your appointment so that he/she can bring the right equipment. Some tree service professionals won’t charge you for this, and some will add a fee of about $75 to your total bill if you want parts of the tree to be cut into logs.

These tips will help you prepare your budget for tree removal and give you an idea of the services you can expect from the tree removal service you choose.