Standing in 2019, who isn’t busy? With our hectic daily life schedule & heavy workloads, we are always busy, tired & frustrated. And there is another thing that is majorly affected in co-relation to this. And do you know what is that?

That’s one of the most important perspectives of living, OUR HYGIENE.

And this hygiene is not only keeping our nails, hairs & body clean but keeping our living space nice & tidy and in many cases, surroundings also come into the boundaries.

So, let’s deal with something that could help us in reducing our part of the job in keeping the household cleans. While keeping the apartments clean, the major thing is keeping it all settles in proper places, keeping the floor and the roof clean. And vacuum cleaners is the instrument that proves to be our assistant there.

Major House HoldVaccum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are widely used in the domestic household by everyone to keep the floors, roofs & even the walls clean. There are different vacuum cleaners from different manufacturers & having varied models with a lot of different features. But majorly the types used in the domestic homes are as follows:

  1. Upright facing Vaccum cleaners
  2. Handheld semi-automatic Machines
  3. Canister Vaccum cleaners
  4. Backpack Vaccum Cleaners
  5. Wet Vaccum cleaners
  6. Carpet Dusters

Backpack Vaccum Cleaners: What are they & why they are so popular?

Most of us, just make it a taken for granted while choosing our vacuum cleaners but still in the recent times it is found that most of the household personnel are preferring backpack vacuum cleaner and why is that?

vacuum cleaner

Backpack Vaccum cleaners

These models of the vacuum cleaners come with a long funnel stick and carriage which would be on your back strapped to your shoulders. They are of lightweight & can be carried easily from one place to another.

Why are they a better option?

The main reason behind it is that you can carry it on your back without any extra effort. This, in turn, reduces your extra hurdle of pulling you cleaner to every place inside the house. And in cases availability of power extension to that place is an issue which is also addressed

For what purpose are they majorly used?

They are insanely fast in sweeping away every kind of dirt, filth, sooth, spider webs, small debris, hairs, & whatnot. They are quite good at cleaning a hardwood floor, corners, mats, and even they help you in the dusting of your favorite carpets

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Backpack Vaccum Cleaners

Give a quick glance to the table below to have an idea about the pros & Cons


  •  Ideal for houses that are big in size
  • Good in cleaning floors, roofs
  • Helps in dusting large carpets
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Most of the models come with HEPA filters & standards


  • Bumps walls & staircases for small houses
  • Cant clean the corners properly


Top-rated Backpack Vaccum Cleaners

I have tested and reviewed each one of them personally and are mention the names of a few that are of my personal choice.

  • XLPRO6A XL from the house of Oreck
  • C2401 by Havoc
  • Provac FS 6