Water is the most important element in one’s life, but the real trouble is the quality of water is not up to the mark anymore. With changing the climate and rising pollutant level water resources are under serious duress which means the overall quality of water is deteriorating by every single day. Due to the higher concentration of water pollutants, the water that comes through the taps is no drinkable as it can cause a long term health issue. Contaminants such as pesticides, fertilizers, heavy metals, chlorine, etc. are making water polluted and also they are causing various diseases and ailments. Therefore now there is an urgent need to purify the water before drinking it. one can buy purified water but it can be highly expensive, thus the best thing is to install water purifiers at home itself. There are several types of water purifiers in the market and out of several purifiers the one that is trusted by many are the benchtop water purifier.

Benchtop water purifiers

Most of the water purifiers are wall hanged or directly installed in the water tank. But in all these purifiers the basic problem is that one needs to store the water separately in bottles and crates. With bench top water purifiers one can get a high-quality filtration system which not only filters out harmful elements like lead, fluoride, and chromium, these also remove the chlorine smell and taste from the water.

These benchtop water purifiers can provide continuous water supply which is not only safe but also has a great taste, without the hassle of water bottles and cumbersome crates. These are best for small spaces in the kitchen, workspace, offices, etc. as it does not occupy a lot of space.

Benchtop water purifiers

Importance of water filters

Seeing the current water situation all around one can say that having a water purifier installed at ones home is very important to keep one’s family safe from hazards of organic and inorganic contaminants. Reasons why one should purify tap water are:

  • Purifying the tap water removes foul smell and taste from it and makes it drinkable. Also, these purifiers not only remove bad odor and taste it also adds several important minerals into it which enhances the overall taste of the water too.
  • Water purifiers remove removes pesticides, lead, fluoride, arsenic, selenium, asbestos, etc. from the water thus preventing them to enter the body.
  • Having a benchtop water purifier means the overall cost of the water purification quiet less and efficient, this is because bottled water is much expensive and it also increases the plastic amount in the environment.
  • Water purifier removes contaminants and also maintains the ph balance which is very important to keep the water potable.
  • Purified water helps in preventing various types of cancer like bladder cancer, rectal cancer, and colon cancer. It also helps in keeping the gastrointestinal tract healthy.
  • Purified water is very important for small children who are more susceptible to diseases and various illnesses.