Nowadays, seldom can you find people do their laundry by bare hands. Cleaning clothes using the hands is not a joke. Transferring water to the basin, rubbing and hanging the clothes, is totally a tough endeavor and time consuming too. The problem of inadequate cleaning is expected particularly to big and bulky laundry. Thanks to the innovations that we have today, particularly the modern electronic innovation. Then the washing machine is invented.

What important things to consider in buying a washing machine? 

Choosing the right washing machine is not as easy as choosing ripe mangoes in the market. There are important things to be considered. The quality, durability, its features, the load capacity, energy savings, the brand, and more importantly the price. Most people today become cleverer in choosing washing machines. They prefer washing machines with the washer-dryer combination.

The benefits of a washer-dryer combination machine: 

This new type of washing machine is a combination of two machines working together as one. A washer at the same time a dryer. As the laundry is loaded, the washer washes it gently and thoroughly and instantly dried in just one turn. The washer-dryer combination is space saving so no wonder it’s a consumer choice. The washer-dryer combination thoroughly dries and effectively cleans the laundry.

How can you find the best washer-dryer? 

The top best-selling washer-dryer combinations can be found at was droog combi:

  • LG FH4U2TDHIN washer dryer- it is a washer-dryer combination with a dependable direct drive motor. The energy is class A with a load capacity of eight kilograms and dries up to five kilograms.

 It has many features that include:

  • Easy care- a special feature for T-shirts it doesn’t require ironing anymore after washing.
  • Anti-allergy- it absolutely removes allergens such as pet hairs, dust mites, and pollen.
  • Refresh- in just twenty minutes wrinkles will be removed with steam ironing. During the washing, it uses six unique washing programs to bring the laundry into different motions to assure that the laundry is thoroughly and completely clean.
  • It has an Eco Hybrid dryer that dries laundry effectively but less energy consumption.

This electronic machine washer-dryer combination is extremely durable and has a 10-year warranty. If the consumer opted to buy this product, the delivery and return are free. In the event that the customer changes his mind, only 30 days is allowed to make up his decision. As to the mode of payment, pay as you want, pay in advance or the staggered mode of payment are the options. The old appliance is taken for free and placed in the new one in the right place for free of charge too.

Ratings: 3 stars

  • Bosch WVG30442NL laundry dryer combination- a combination of washer and dryer that doesn’t need a big space in your home. The Touch Control program can easily be seen for it is largely displayed in clear LED the temperature, spin, speed and the timer. The speed could easily be adjusted, with a maximum load capacity of 7 kilograms. This washer-dryer machine is set with a Speed Perfect feature that helps you save up to 50%of your energy consumption. No matter how fast the machine works it doesn’t affect the energy consumption it’s merely because of the Speed Perfect feature. Bosch WVG30442NL the brand that consumer takes pride of, due to its durability, economical, and Ecosilence Drive motor. It has also a 10 year warranty period.

Ratings: 5 stars