Trees are important as they provide us with oxygen, stabilizes the soil, stores carbon and provides life to animals and birds. In fact, they also give us shelter and food. That’s why trees in parks and gardens are preserved and maintained all over the world. Today, a tree survey is carried out to analyze the risk they actually pose to property, buildings,andthe public.

Experienced experts, who are tree surgeons, conduct tree surveys. It’s done for private as well as public properties.

Moreover, if you’re planning to purchase a property having large trees located in close proximity, then a mortgage lender will also suggest to perform tree surveys. Similarly, if there is a sign of building subsidence and trees are near to the subsidence place, again survey is necessary to check the potential damage the roots couldcause. Furthermore, in some regions, tree reports or surveys are important by law to conserve and protect particular species of trees.

In some cases, information collected from tree reports can be helpful for landscape designers to make computer designs for what the building would seem like. These drafts are more ideal and realistic for the management of land. Further, this can aid in enhancing the value of your property as well to a great extent. Tree surveys are ideal for pinpointing threats if there are any. With surveys, you can determine which trees are dead, about to fall and should be removed.

tree survey

The main goal of tree surveys is to provide complete information about the trees on a particular land. Generally, homeowners and property managers use the information that they have gathered from surveys to make the right decisions. They solely depend on survey reports for which trees should be cut down or left behind.

What Information is discovered from Tree Surveys?

Tree surveys give information on the tress and professional arborists rely on British Standard BS5837 to inspect trees. In fact, this standard signifies whether trees should remain on land or which ones should be removed from the land. However, the survey provides information, which includes:

  • Trees life expectancy
  • Species of trees
  • Trees age
  • Overall trees health
  • Measurements

A professional and experienced tree surgeon knows very well how to determine and measure the health of trees under the property manager and homeowner care.

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